What can we do for you?

Input Objects has a track record of delivering all kinds of software solutions. Being small, we do have our areas of expertise.

Our services

You will get the best bang for the buck from us assisting you with:

  • Back-End Integrations
  • Search Engine Design and Implementation
  • API Design
  • Distributed Systems
  • Large Data Pipelines
  • Full-Stack Web Applications
  • Technical Leadership

Our tools of choice

Good engineers come with enough experience to pick almost any technology. We are good engineers. But you don’t want us to learn on the clock. Here is the list of technologies we master today.

Java Object-Oriented and Scala Functional Programming. We live and breath JVM. We can help if you are building a new application or service, or need help tuning an existing one.

Our people built many Search Engines over the years.

✅ Internal Financial Instruments search.

✅ Public facing large-scale email search.

✅ Location sensitive, localize search.

You won’t be alone after deployment. We can help you maintain and grow your search infrastructure. Our toolkit includes Apache Solr and Elasticsearch.

It is possible but difficult to talk about modern services without mentioning Apache Kafka. We are with you. Planning and building system and data processing system on Kafka is what we do.

Input Objects built and shipped an impressive, multi-tenant and traffic intensive application. We were able to do it with a few folks thanks to the power of Kubernetes. Team that iterate frequently will get an enormous boost from using Kubernetes. We definitely did. It is a great tool we use to ship and iterate quickly with confidence.

Let’s talk JavaScript. Luckily, we didn’t write our JS framework. We love working with VueJS. In fact, VueJS combined with Tailwind CSS is our go-to stack for all our Web facing software needs.

Our leadership style is Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk. As technologists at heart, we love being in the trenches. Mentoring folks around us and embedding ourselves in the process. We appreciate people. An added benefit for us is that we get wiser with every engagement.

We like pretty charts and digrams, but that’s not all what we deliver.